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The Ninja

The Ninja

My name is Mitch and I'm a woodworker. I live in San Diego with my 3 boys and amazing wife.


I believe if something can be made of wood...I can do it. 


Personalized Approach


The great thing about custom work is that it's personalized just the way you want it to be. I enjoy listening to what my customers have in mind for their creations and working together to create functional works of art.

I will take your general idea and add my personal touch to make it unique. With the various woods and grain patterns available, together we can produce something that can never be recreated!



Of course it all starts in middle and high school but I really got turned on to the trade about 23 years ago with my father in law. We made a cutting board together and I've been hooked ever since. I now continue my education with with professionals all across California. David Marks, Mike Mahoney and William Ng to name a few. I'm also a member of San Diego Fine Wood Workers Association.

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