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Custom BBQ's

I'm a woodworker that LOVES BBQ....real BBQ slow and low! I've made several BBQ's since 2018 and feel sooo confident that you'll love the quality of my cookers that I'll back my work for 1 year from the time of purchase.

Currently, I make two sizes but I'm not limited to these sizes. I can make whatever you'd like. The large (36x20x20) is a beast and sells for $1,850. It's made with 3/16" plate and has two racks. You specify if you'd like it to be an offset or reverse flow smoker. The firebox is 18x18.

The small is, in my opinion, the perfect size. It's 24x16x16 and has two racks as well. Again, you specify if you'd want an offset or reverse. The firebox is 15x15. This is also made of 3/16" plate. The price is $950.

Both smokers come with gaskets around the chamber, spring handles, coal basket under the racks for direct cooking, pneumatic 6" wheels, temp gauges and locks for the chamber.

I can also add a decorative wood/epoxy handle to the chamber for an additional $50,log lighter in the firebox for $100 or non flattening wheels for $100.

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